The Zebra Room: The Lamp

The Magic of Craft Bond Spray Adhesive… This is why I love Elmer’s products. This stuff is genius to me. It ranks up there with Mod Podge. I picked up a can when it was on clearance one day thinking it would eventually come in handy. I’ve used it on countless things now.

The Zebra Room: The Lamp

The teen has requested her bedroom be done in shades of zebra and red. I’d like for her to enjoy her bedroom and I enjoy decorating but money is tight. Furthermore, we just relocated and are staying in a rented house while we look for a permanent one so we can’t go changing walls and stuff. She already has zebra pillow cases and a matching comforter, a red rug, and a zebra clock and mirror. Her curtains are going to be red. We are trying to do it so her room is cute, her style, and can last her until graduation in three years and not be an embarrassment.

I started with a lamp I had. The lamp is silver with a white shade and doesn’t really go in any part of the house (doesn’t match or I have no place for it). I have also somehow ended up with extra lamps after we moved and I’m still bewildered as to how. Seeing that I have lamp shades in abundance, I figured I’d give re-covering a go. I wish I had photos of it but I didn’t plan on writing about it at the time.

So I set about with zebra print sheets from her old bed (which was twin sized, the sheets were worn but still in great condition so I had held onto them). I eyeballed about how much of the fabric I was going to need and started cutting. I wrapped the fabric around the shade several different times to ensure how it needed to go on and that there was enough. When I was certain I had the fabric amount right I took a deep breath and pulled out my Elmer’s Spray Adhesive.

There is a certain fear that comes with using a new product on a project.

The stuff is sticky and at first I sprayed way too much and ended up with stickiness that could be felt through the fabric. I’ve had similar mod podge incidents that turned out horrible and therefore I became panicky- until it started to dry and I could see the outside of the fabric looked and felt fine. I continued to spray (light coats!) of glue while pulling and pressing the fabric against the lamp shade. I let it sit and dry for about 10 minutes before cutting the excess fabric to equal lengths all the way around. I sprayed the bottom inside edge and smoothed the extra fabric up into it. I then cut slits into the fabric for the small support bars at the top inside of the shade, sprayed the top inside, and rolled the excess fabric and tucked it against the inside of the shade (I rolled it to make it equal length).

I was pleasantly surprised with my result.



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