The Zebra Room: The Whiteboard and the Corkboard

The Magic of Craft Bond Spray Adhesive… and Pinterest influence.

The Zebra Room: The Whiteboard and the Corkboard

The teen wanted a white board and I happened to be throwing away one. The white board side was ruined, though, the corkboard was in good shape. I pulled out my trusty Elmer’s Spray Adhesive (more confident this time) and those leftover zebra sheets.

First, I disassembled the white/corkboard combo and chucked the whiteboard.

IMG_1921     IMG_1925

I wrapped the fabric around the corkboard and sprayed adhesive onto the back of it to hold the fabric. I attached red yarn and hung it. Very cute! Problem was that it tilted when anything was tacked onto it.


Had to think on that one a bit.

I had seen some ideas floating around Pinterest about using picture frames for white boards. I happened to have excess of those, too, so I got busy attaching fabric to the inside of the backing.


They turned out great and I ended up making three of them with three different fabrics.


I had one extra picture frame so I stuck the tilting corkboard into it and left the glass off. Hung it with two nails so it would be secure and not tilt when something was hung on it- problem solved!


The silver frames go nicely with the silver of the lamp. I’m pleased. Teen is happy. Money spent: Nothing. I had it all on hand. Success!


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