Closet Issues: The Adults

We just moved into a different temporary home (still searching for that permanent one, but found a bigger place with cheaper rent in the process and I’m all about saving money) and the unpacking process has begun. I’m now convinced the best way to get rid of items you don’t need is to move a few times.

In our first house, my husband and I shared a closet that he built himself and it was quite roomy. At our last house, we shared one so cramped we had to keep our jackets in the closet in the spare bedroom (our poor teen’s clothes didn’t even all fit in her closet and we had to get creative with storage while her jackets joined ours in the spare bedroom). In the latest house- we seem to have more space than I can dream of (yay for older homes!) but only three closets. Oh, and two of those closets are in the master bedroom while the teen has no closet in her actual bedroom (?? I know, old house. I’ll tackle that in another post). Let the organization begin!

I will be the first to admit, I like having two closets in the bedroom. I wasn’t sure if I would at first or not but it has been nice so far.

First of all we have my husband’s side. He organized it himself and swears it looks fine. This is the difference between guys and girls, right here.

What you can't see is the hats, bags, and box above his clothes. Oh wait, you can see the strap of a bag. ;)

What you can’t see is the hats, bags, and boxes above his clothes. Oh wait, you can see the strap of a bag. 😉

He was very considerate and hung all my stuff up on my side of the closet so all I had to do was get in there and organize it.  He offered to take the closet at first, seeing as how it had a set of drawers in the middle of it and thought I might want more room for hanging things, I eagerly said no thanks- I was excited about those drawers! I threw a few baskets in them and they became the perfect spot for my socks, undergarments, sleep pants, and bathing suits.

Next, was tackling that top shelf. Seeing as how my floor space was taken up with the shelf (and the spots on the sides of the shelf weren’t convenient) I decided to move my shoes up. I used a homemade shelf leftover from a friend for the shoes I wear the most, and stored my tactical boots and wedding shoes in the boxes next to it. I shoved a childhood friend into the remaining space and decided he could wear my lake/yardwork hat until I needed it. A basket on top of the shelf held my hats/belts/purses nicely.

Looking right

Looking right

To the left of the shelf I put my boxes containing dress shoes and sandals, and threw my snow/mud boots on top of them for lack of a better place. I change my sandals out with my closed toe flats on the shelf during the summer months.

Looking left

Looking left

Feeling satisfied with the top shelf I moved on to the hanging of the actual clothes. My husband says I’m anal about this but I call it organized.

I found a great pin on Pinterest about using shower curtain hooks to hang scarves, purses, hats, belts, etc., in a closet. I have an extra set because we moved from a house with two bathrooms into a house with one and a half. I must say, shower hooks work perfectly. I looped the longer scarves through properly, but the shorter scarves I just looped through.

Since the area over the drawers has less hanging space, I used that area for the my scarves, pants, and skirts. A few of my sleeveless shirts also hang over it.

The scarves- hung on shower curtain loops.

The scarves- hung on shower curtain loops.

I hung jackets on the far right, then sweatshirts, then my dresses, skirts, and pants. On the far left I hung my long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, and sleeveless shirts/tanks. I think it worked out well!

The finished product.

The finished product!

Now whose side looks better? 😉


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