Closet Issues: The Teen

Oh the teen girl’s closet. I’m convinced she has enough clothes and shoes for the entire state of Texas. We keep clearing out and donating and selling stuff and people just keep giving her more. We faced closet problems in the last house that were solved when we moved into this house. Well, except hers. She has no closet in her bedroom. Ahh, the ups and downs of older homes.

Her bedroom is actually a tiny room off of a bigger room. The bigger room has a door into the kitchen and a hallway to the bathroom. Their is a door that can be closed there too, but then that blocks off the family access to the only bathroom with a shower. Plus, it’s the main bathroom in the house. However, the bigger room has a closet. But hubs and I needed to store some stuff in the bigger room because we had no where else to keep it. We also did not want her bedroom to be right off the main bathroom- because it would block our access to that bathroom when she had her doors shut- and we didn’t want us and/or guests to accidently barge into her bedroom. Many delimma’s indeed.

Luckily for us, she like small spaces. So we decided to give her the small space and work with the big space for closet issues. Her bedroom holds her dresser, bed, night table, rug, and a small trashcan.. Anything else in there and the room would explode. Her bed stretches from one wall to the other and is up against a wall. Her dresser goes from the end of the bed to another wall. Her nightable goes from her bed to the doorway. Oddly enough, it’s cozy. Even better- she loves it.

We decided to make the big room her “changing/entertainment” area. We put the tv, dvd player, and the wii in here. We also put her gamer chair, matching fold out chair, an extra rug she has, and a few of our items that didn’t fit very well elsewhere in the house (including our dresser, which was not needed in our bedroom, and one of our many lamps that we have an odd abundance of- and no I still haven’t solved that mystery). I solved the privacy issue with a curtain, which she likes because she still has a quick access to “her” bathroom without cutting through the kitchen. I’m happy because that is still a main bathroom so she has to keep her makeup and hair stuff picked up without argument (a win for this mum!).

teen closet

I utilized a blackout curtain to block off the hallway and give her privacy when she is in there (as you can see from my highly detailed rendering).

All in all, it works. We made an agreement with her that the big room is a family area and since we have stuff in there we have to have access to it, meaning doors open, and it must stay clean (another win!). We also told her that if the door connecting the big room to the kitchen is closed we will respect her need/want for privacy and will knock before entering- so it is her bedroom in a way. And she really likes having two bedrooms.

Space and closet issues resolved. Thank goodness!


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