The Painted Bottle

After my horribly failed cutting glass bottles experiment, I had a few clear bottles left over. I had an ostrich feather that came in a flower bouquet I had received and I wanted to display it on my vanity in a pretty, but somewhat unique bottle. I decided to try painting the inside of the bottle so it retained it’s clean, shiny look.

The Painted Bottle

I had found this great little sampler paint clearanced at Home Depot for $0.50 a few weeks back so I picked it up thinking eventually I would come up with a use for it. Any paint will work, really, but it seems wall paint works very well and is easy to spread in the bottle. I have tried this previously with acrylic paint and a vase and it was not as easy to spread the paint inside.


My 50 cent paint sample.

I assembled my necessities: the paint, the bottle, and an old funnel that has been cut to have a wider spout opening and is perfect for projects like this. Oh, and some paper towels which I grabbed as an afterthought.


Assembled necessities: paint, bottle, and an old funnel.

I inserted the funnel and begin to pour paint into the bottle until it seemed like a good amount.


Insert funnel. Ignore the teens school stuff in the background.


Seems like enough paint.

I held the paper towel over the opening of the bottle and proceeded to shake and turn the bottle until the entire inside was coated in paint.


Using a paper towel as a lid, I shook and turned the bottle until the inside was coated.

Having coated the inside of the bottle, I turned it over and tapped the sides gently until the excess paint came back out.


Tap the bottle to drip out the excess paint. I’m not sure why it looks gray in this photo??

I let it set for almost a week to ensure it was fully dry inside. Then placed the feather and put it on display!


Completed bottle.


Closer shot.

On an additional note: When I finished I immediately wiped and cleaned the funnel. You cannot tell it had paint in it at any point. Yay!



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