Corn on the Cob in the Husks from the Microwave

Longest post title ever, right there.

However, it’s true and it works! I saw this little gem floating around Pinterest and decided to give it a go! And I’ve walked away with a  few tips.

Thank you Pinterest!

Thank you Pinterest!

So here’s the breakdown.

  1. Tear some of the “hair” off the top that’s showing. It can catch fire, apparently.
  2. Wet corn seems to cook better.
  3. Make sure you cut above where the husk attaches to the cob, or it won’t slide out easily.
  4. If you let it rest about 2 minutes before you attempt to cut and squeeze it, it works just as well and burns a lot less (believe me on this one!!)
  5. If you’re hungry or hurried, I do advise using oven mitts if you can’t let it rest a minute. It really does burn.
  6. It’s delicious. It’s cooked to perfection.

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