About The Merri Mum

What is The Merri Mum?

The place for Merry Moms! Moms who are constantly making it  and making it better- and doing it on a budget! Meals, home decor, planning, cleaning, everything that goes with being a mom! If you’re a Merri Mum- come join us!

Who is The Merri Mum?

I’m currently a stay at home wife and the bonus mom of a 15 year old. I previously worked as an EMT (yes, I posess the twisted sense of humor that everyone in the EMS field has) and as an elementary, toddler, and infant educator. When I became a stay at home wife, I had to learn to really budget meals and projects. We recently moved and are looking for a permanent residence in our new location- but in the meantime I’m making this rent house a home and that involves some creativity!

I created the Merri Mum to share my adventures and learn from other Merri Mum’s adventures. So join the group and share yours!


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