A Little Lost

As many of you know, I consider myself to be one lucky bonus mom to a pretty awesome teenager. We honestly have a great combination of a friend/mom relationship and I feel beyond blessed to know her and be a part of her life.

Last year she was homeschooled, and we spent a lot of time together. This year she started into public school, where she will be for her final three years. I have to say, I’m feeling a little lost right now. I also admit to crying the day she left for school. I suddenly understood why parents cry when their children start Kindergarten.

Part of this feeling is just because I was so used to her being here with me. I had a cleaning, cooking, laughter, and Xbox partner (ok, I admit it, I’m more her Xbox partner because she taught me how to play most the games we have). I don’t mind taking care of the cooking and cleaning, but it’s the silence during the day that gets me. I’m used to her radio playing or her showing me videos on her phone, or us hunched over a workbook together or discussing schoolwork, or just hanging out and chatting or being goofy together.

Schoolwork, I’m feeling lost there too. I loved being a part of that with her. She’s very intelligent, and I’m so glad to see she’s doing well this year and enjoying school (oh the relief that is). She’s where she needs to be and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but I desperately want to be a part of that life with her and feel a little out of sorts. She was sitting at the table doing schoolwork last night and it took everything I had not to want to look over her shoulder and see what she was studying and what more we could do with it. Instead I made myself keep distance, ask her about her subjects and what kind of homework she had, and take the occasional glances at it. We discussed the topics she was covering in her Government/Political Science class and exchanged opinions, which thrilled me. She enjoys talking about what she is learning, which also thrills me.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has experienced this, but wow, I wasn’t expecting it either.


Moving, again.

So we are moving, again. This time it’s back to our hometown, which we are all kind of excited about.

Unfortunately, this is our third move in less than a year. I have found an upside to all this though, it’s amazing what you find out you don’t need when you move a lot. After moving some stuff multiple times we chucked, donated, and passed along many items. We had far less boxes and furniture this move than we did three moves ago.

We are down to the last twenty boxes or so to unpack. Most of the house is functional. I’m able to update this site again (woohoo!).


Any moving tips you’d like to share?

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Use painters tape to hold game boxes together. Comes off clean and makes the games one big lump to move.
  2. Number 1 also works great with pots and pan lids that can be stacked together.
  3. Towels and washcloths are a great way to protect your plates and bowls.

Summer Food- The Quick List.

There are so many great summer recipes out there. Need a quick yummy summer treats? Try these.

A twist on the summer salad, Cucumber and Chickpea Salad.

Peach Iced tea, anyone? 5 Summer Drink Recipes

Try a refreshing Black Bean & Corn Salsa to go with that BBQ.

Ten Ultimate Popsicles, Think Root Beer Float and Berry Cheesecake.

Or maybe a Kiwi Popsicle is more your style?

Or just the absolute, Lazy Summer Dessert.

Enjoy and be Merri!

Have one of your own? Let us know in the box below!!

A Clean House and an Apology to My Mother

Ever have one of those weeks where everything that needs to be done exceeds all the energy you have? I’m looking around the house right now and see dishes that need to be done, floors that need to be swept, dusting that needs to be done, and just general clutter that needs to be picked up. I have no energy or willpower to do any of it.

I found myself getting frustrated recently, as it seems like everytime I get the house clean someone or something comes along behind me and undoes the work I do. I feel like I’m constantly picking stuff up. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and teen will help without having to be asked twice, but it’s like sometimes people (and the pets) simply can’t see how a glass left on the coffee table (or a lovely hairball in the living room) can annoy me when I’ve cleaned all day.

But then I realize, I must have done the same thing to my mother. I know my father still does. We just don’t realize we do it. We don’t realize the work that goes into keeping a house maintained. Many times since I moved out I’ve found myself telling my mother ‘Thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ because I truly did not realize all the work she put into the house. It was always clean, there was always a good cooked meal every night, laundry was always caught up (and I was the teen who changed a gazillion times a day). That woman is amazing. She worked full-time on top of that and we always spent the weekends doing stuff and having fun. I don’t know where she found the time to clean! So mom, once again, I applaud you and I’m sorry for all the times I came along behind you and inadvertently wrecked your work.